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Forager Foods Pty Ltd is situated in Tasmania, Australia where it produces Forager Fruits®, a range of healthy, nutritious and tasty fruit snacks. Grown in the worlds purest air, using clean water and perfect growing conditions, our fruit is selected from only the best growers. The manufacturing and packing process is completed in our own factory under strict GMP and HACCP conditions.

Forager Fruits® are quite simply the tastiest 100% fruit snack available. Made from only the best Tasmanian apples, blueberries, strawberries and Australian bananas, our fruit is full of natural flavour, colour and sweetness. The fruit is cut to shape leaving the peel on the apples because its full of natural anti-oxidants and flavour. Some apple wedges are dipped in 100% Tasmanian grown Raspberry or Blackcurrant juice for extra colour and flavour. Blueberries are dried whole making them crunchy, tangy bites. Bananas and strawberries are cut into pieces for the perfect bite size.



Freeze Dried Mango Bites 15g

Freeze Dried Tasmanian Cherries 15g

Freeze Dried Apple Wedges 20g

Freeze Dried Strawberries 15g

Freeze Dried Blueberries 15g