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The story began more than 130 years ago, when Jules Destrooper opened a bakery in Lo, Flanders.

He knew only authentic, natural ingredients make a difference for the taste bud. Therefore, Jules used fresh farm eggs, sun-ripened Valencian almonds and superior Belgium chocolate, and most importantly : REAL, PURE BUTTER.

In the New Millennium, Jules Destrooper became an official supplier to the Belgian Court, an exclusive honour for suppliers with an impeccable reputation.

Even today, Jules Destrooper continue to strive for genuine, natural ingredients to deliver the best of quality of biscuits by the secret family recipes developed by Jules Destrooper hundred years ago.

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Jules Destrooper

Only the best ingredients are chosen. The biscuits uses real butter from cattle grazed in the wild during calm and hazy summer days.

More than 130 years later, Jules Destrooper still believe in using the best ingredients only.

No artificial stuff. No compromise.

Butter Waffle

The butter waffle was found in 1969 when new technologies was introduced, so the biscuit’s freshness couls last longer. The waffle uses real butter from cattle grazed in the wild during calm and hazy summer days.

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Butter Crisps

The Butter Crisp or “Lukke” is a West-Flemish natural butter waffle, traditionally baked in New Year’s celebration which brings good luck to family and friends. Jules decided to bake them in waffle irons with diagonal diamonds, becoming one of Jules’s iconic biscuit.

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Almond Thins

The Almond Thins are made in 1886 from the most authentic and original ingredients with REAL, PURE BUTTER, no preservatives, and no GMO. No artificial stuff. No Compromise.

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Butter Crisps 100g

Almond Thins 100g

Butter Waffles 100g

Lace Thins Cashew Nuts & Chocolate 95g

Ginger Thins 95g

Almond Thins & Belgian Chocolate 125g

Belgian Almond Thins with Dark Chocolate 100g

Deluxe Gift Box

Butter Crisps 144g

Deluxe Gift Box

Butter Waffles 108g

Luxury Gift Tin

Butter Crisps 240g

Luxury Gift Tin

Butter Waffles 180g

Premium Tin

Butter Crisps 300g

Premium Tin

Butter Waffles 300g

Assortment Gift Box 168g

House Tin

Mini Butter Crisps x 4 - 96g

House Tin

Mini Butter Waffles x 4 - 72g

Wrapped Gift Box - Red House

Butter Crisps 200g

Wrapped Gift Box

Butter Crisps 200g

Value Pack

Butter Crisps 72g

Value Pack

Butter Waffles 54g

'On The Go'

Butter Waffles 33g

'On The Go'

Butter Crisps 35g