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Since 1910, El Brezal has been producing, selecting, and packaging a wide range of Spanish honey for people to enjoy.  By using the experience and knowledge of over 100 years of honey making and beekeeping, El Brezal continues to improve their offerings, regularly creating new mono or multi-floral honey for people to enjoy.

Known for their variety of different honeys, from floral, to woody, El Brezal’s line includes an extensive collection of over a dozen premium, award-winning honey from Spain’s best apiaries.

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A variety of award-winning honey collected from different flowers and trees throughout the Spanish countryside.

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Royal Jelly

A luxurious nutritious honey that is made specifically for queen bees. This honey is known for helping to alleviate a variety of health problems.

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Bee Pollen

El Brezal’s bee pollen is freshly collected from select Spanish apiaries which are nearby some of the finest flowers and trees in Spain. Bee pollen has been used for centuries to help alleviate common health problems and has a taste similar to that of green tea.

Orange Blossom Honey 500g

Rosemary Honey 500g

Eucalyptus Honey 500g

Mountain Honey 500g

Wildflower Honey 500g

Forest Honey 500g

Lemon Honey 500g

Acacia Honey 500g

Organic Wildflower Honey 500g

Honey with Royal Jelly 500g

Honey with Ginseng 500g

Beepollen 500g

Wildflower Honey

(Squeezable Bottle) 350g

Eucalyptus Honey

(Squeezable Bottle) 350g