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Founded in Germany in 1890 by chocolatier Joseph Emile Hachez, family-owned Hachez Chocolate has been hand-making quality chocolates for generations.

Each chocolate starts from quality cocoa beans sourced from the top 3% of growers around the world. These beans are roasted in specialised drums and carefully rolled to create the quality cocoa products that are used to create Hachez’s delectable chocolates.

Special Highlight Product 500x300-HZ

Chocolate Tafel – 88 % Dark Chocolate Bar
Hachez’s finest Dark chocolate made with 88% pure cocoa. The chocolate is made with perfectly roasted cocoa to bring out both intense and subtle chocolate notes.

Braune Blätter/Brown Leaves Classic Tin Box 77% Dark Chocolate
Mild dark chocolate made of 77 % cocoa with a smooth-melting, balanced finish.

Cocoa Bar 88%

Premier Cru 100g

Cocoa Bar 77%

Classic Cocoa d'Arriba 100g

77% Bar

Mango & Chilli 100g

77% Bar

Orange Cocoa d'Arriba 100g

77% Bar

Strawberry & Pepper 100g

55.5% Bar

Classic Cocoa de Maracaibo 100g

Mini Bars Mix Cocoa 75g

Mini Bars Mix Single Origin 75g