Project Description

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New English Teas provids the finest gift teas and excellent customer service, which supply gift tea tins and cartons to a wide variety of customers throughout the world. The best selling products include miniature loose leaf tins of tea, English and London scenes tea tins, cartons of teabags and our English Fine Tea range which features vintage English designs. Icons of England are a particular speciality. We use our best efforts to source our products ethically and to ensure that everyone involved in producing our teas, tins, and cartons has been treated fairly.



Traditions of Britain Mini Gift Set 70g

London Bus – 25 Teabag Tin 50g

British Traditions 70g

English Breakfast Merchant’s Tin 40 Teabag 80g

English Afternoon Tea Room Tin 80g

Vintage Victorian - 40 EA Teabag Tin 80g

7 ı Vintage Victorian - Mini Tins 70g

Vintage Victorian - 72 TB Tin 144g

Vintage Victorian - English BreakFast 240 Teabag Tin 480g

NEW Vintage Victorian - 40 EB Teabag Tin FEB 2020 80g

Vintage Victorian English BreakFast 240 Teabag Tin 480g