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For over a century, German chocolate maker Feodora has retained its excellence and reputation as a chocolate for gourmands. The pure chocolate taste, created with all-natural cocoa and aromatic bourbon vanilla bring out the richness of Feodora’s fine chocolate products. In addition to chocolates, Feodora also creates pralines that also use the same high-quality ingredients Feodora is known for.

Truly fit for royalty, the Feodora brand is actually named after the German princess Augusta Victoria, who was a gourmet that enjoyed the company’s signature chocolate and gave the company the right to use her namesake.


Feodora Miniature Dark Chocolate Bars
Feodora’s classic chocolate bar with 60% cocoa content. The individually wrapped bars are available in Feodora’s iconic hexagonal box – an ideal way to offer them to guests.


Feodora Miniature Bars Milk/Dark
A mix of Feodora’s classic milk chocolate with 37% cocoa content and dark chocolate with 60% cocoa content. Comes in Feodora’s iconic hexagonal box.


Grand'Or 50%

Dark Superior Milk Chocolate 80g

Grand'Or 75%

Superior Dark Chocolate 80g

Grand'Or 85%

Superior Dark Chocolate 80g

37% Miniature Bars Milk 210g

60% Miniature Bars Bitter 210g

75% Miniature Bars Bitter 210g

Floral Box

Dark Chocolate 60% & Milk 6pcs - 45g

Floral Box

Dark Chocolate 60% & Milk 24pcs - 180g

Superior Milk Chocolate with 37% Cocoa 90g

Floral Box

Superior Milk Chocolate with 37% Cocoa 180g

Floral Box

Superior Dark Chocolate with 60% Cocoa 135g

Superior Dark Chocolate with 75% Cocoa 135g