Project Description

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Located in the Constantia Winelands near vibrant Cape Town, South Africa, Cape Herb & Spice has been creating unique spices and spice blends since 1994.

From artisan salt and pepper to special spice mixes and rubs, Cape Herb & Spice aims to bring the unique European, African and Asian influences of South Africa to the world.



BBQ Steak Seasoning 45g

Pink Salt 110g

Lamb Seasoning 55g

Garlic Addict 40g

Tropical Pepper 45g

Black Pepper 50g

Chicken Seasoning 50g

Sea Salt 110g

Garlic & Herb Shaker 270g

Pink Salt 390g

Sea Salt 360g

Salt & Pepper Shaker 390g

Black Peppercorns 185g

Chipotle Chilli 80g

Ghost Chilli 75g

Sriracha Chilli 75g

Piri Piri Chilli 80g

Louisiana Cajun 100g

Asian Stirfry 100g

Texan Steakhouse 100g

Tikka Masala 100g

Garam Masala 100g

Madras Curry 100g

Pepper Trade 140g

Smokehouse - 8 Tube 231g

Red Hot Chilli Addict - 8 Tube 197g

Spice Route Slide - 10 Tube 230g