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Monty Bojangles are makers of artisan truffles that celebrate discovery, excitement and the joy of life.

Delightfully packaged in colourful, eye-catching boxes with unique artwork, the truffles were an instant hit when they were introduced to the British market in 2009. The company has won consecutive great taste awards from 2013 to 2015 and in 2015 alone, the brand won 6 Great Taste Awards for their products.

Monty Bojangles offers a variety of different truffles that are inspired from regions all around the globe, and continues to delight people the world round.

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Monty Bojangles French Cocoa Dusted Truffle Cubes – Choccy Scoffy
Winner of 3 consecutive great taste awards for 3 years and counting, Intense French luxury truffles are finished with a generous dusting of exquisite bitter-sweet cocoa.


Choccy Scoffy 150g

Cookie Moon 150g

Orange Angelical 150g

Berry Bubbly 150g

Coconut Crush Curious Truffles 150g

Popcorn Carousel Curious Truffles 150g

Taste Adventures

Cocoa Dusted Truffle Crown Top 225g

Truffle Bite

Hint of Salt 100g

Truffle Bite

Caramel & Cookie 100g

Pink Bouquet Box

Choccy Scoffy 110g

Christmas Town

Trophy Box 285g