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Since 1895, Lorina has been produced in Munster, a small provincial village in the Northeast of France. Since then, 3 generations of “Maîtres Limonadiers” have passed on their “savoir-faire,” producing a uniquely French Artisanal Soda. Lorina is carefully crafted using a secret family recipe, in a time honored and traditional method. The “All-Natural Artisanal” Sodas are bottled daily, using only the best ingredients & natural fruits flavors. Lorina only uses pure crystal sugar from natural cane and beet sugar, never using high-fructose corn syrup. The carbonation comes from a natural spring surging from the Vosges sandstone. Enjoy the “Unique Lorina Experience,” with its delicate “champagne” bubbles, which will refresh and delight the palate.



Lemonade 750ml

Lemonade 330ml

Pink Lemonade 750ml

Pink Lemonade 330ml