Project Description

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Kate Bridges started her training as a cook in Wiltshire and was then employed by the Bellamys, a distinguished Edwardian family, to cook for them, in Eaton Square, London. She created a range of recipes for the household cook, using the finest ingredients, spanning from simply country cooking to dishes in the fine French fashion.

A family-run company from Arbroath, Mrs Bridges use time-honoured traditional methods and the best ingredients to produce a fabulous range of foodie gifts, including preserves, mustard and dressings.

The signature jars shape, exclusive to Mrs Bridges, combined with the traditional mop cap and bow add a touch of luxury to every product.



MInt Sauce 200g

Semi Ground Spicy Mustard 200g

Honey Mustard & Champagne 200g

Dijon Mustard 200g

Traditional English Mustard 200g

Apricot & Peach Preserve 340g

Mayonnaise with Lime & Basil 180g

Classic Mayonnaise 180g

Tartare Sauce with Lemon 180g

Strawberry Preserve & Champagne 340g

Fine Cut

Orange Marmalade 340g

Fig Preserve 340g

Blackcurrant & Blueberry Preserve 340g