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Our Story

Connétable has been canning sardines for over 150 years in one of the oldest fishing districts in Brittany, France.

Their long history has allowed them to maintain artisan practices of traditional sardine canning while adopting the latest production methods to create a product that adheres to the highest standards.

In addition to their canning, their unique recipes have been perfected over the generations and each can is a testament to the hard work of over 150 years of experience.

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Sardines In extra virgin olive oil

The flagship product of Connétable. Prepared traditionally, each sardine is hand selected and trimmed before being fried. They are then fitted by hand and coated with extra virgin olive oil, then stored carefully to retain their delicious flavours.

Sardines “Les Genereuses" in sunflower oil

Fleshy and tasty sardines are prepared with great care and carefully covered with sunflower oil. They are suitable as a starter or main dish accompanied by potatoes or a green salad.

connétable sardines