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We know that you are seeking healthier, tastier snacks and that’s where Wild West Jerky comes in. It is high in protein, low in fat and gluten free. Which means you can enjoy, guilt free. And, it’s low in calories if you’re looking to keep count. The jerky will keep you filled up between meals (protein is an appetite suppressant) and in easy to carry packs you can take it anywhere: in the car, at your desk, on a hike or on a bike. It is lower in sugar than many snacks too If you are working out jerky is high in protein which helps your muscles repair after a session. Plus, you don’t need to refrigerate it so you can store it easily in your gym bag or glove pocket for the journey home.

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Wild West Original Beef Jerky

Wild West Original flavour has a nice tangy flavour and not too soft or hard a bite. There’s a little variation as you’d expect from a lean solid muscle jerky and it’s all the better for it. A great solid flavour and nothing artificial at all.

Wild West Honey BBQ Beef Jerky

Every piece has been marinaded in our secret recipe, which has real honey and uses Aspalls Cyder Vinegar and Kikkomon Soy Sauce. It’s then dried, cooked and naturally smoked over Applewood chips.