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On the island of Groix, Groix & Nature makes rillettes, cooked dishes, soups and culinary aids cooked with passion. Made for you fresh from the land and the sea. Created 16 years ago, Groix & Nature is a canning craft located on Groix Island, in Southern Brittany France. G&N work with a Breton fish wholesaler who buys fishes every morning at the fish auction. Fish fillets are delivered at Groix every day. Artisanal and traditional recipes are all cooked on Groix Island without additives, to offer you authentic and natural seafood products

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Lobster Oil is elaborated from Blue Lobster, grape seed oil and aromatics.

Original & Creative use, this is an exceptional product to enhance your recipes.This premium oil is used to season and enhance the flavor of varied dishes as seafood pasta, salads, carpaccio of scallops, raw or cooked fish filets, sushis, tartar