Project Description



“In december 1895, while lacking inspiration for his chocolate candy for the end of the year, , the French pastry chef Louis Dufour had the idea to create a delicious ganaches shaped in ball, plunged in a melted chocolate and coated with delicate cocoa powder. Chocolate truffle was born !

Today, we find this famous candy with French touch under the brand “Truffettes de France" : a fantastic tasting moment thanks to refined recipes, delicate flavors and inclusions to appreciate. The company CHOCMOD is a familial business founded in 1948 in Tourcoing, in France, under the name CHOCOLATE AND MODERN CANDY. Due to their chocolate passion Destombes’ brothers, develop their activities and soon extend beyond regional borders. Naturally open to the outside world the reputation of the company spread to the international step since 80s.

The quality cocoa and luxurious texture has captured the taste buds of gourmands all around the world. Aside from their normal truffles which range from dark to milk chocolate, Chocmond also creates a wide range of chocolate confectioneries, from chocolate-covered gummy bears, to unique truffles made with nuts from all over the world."



Original Truffles 200g

Hazelnuts Truffles 200g

Fine Champagne Truffles 200g

Cappuccino Truffles 200g

Milk Chocolate Coated Marshmallows 200g

Crispy Milk Chocolate 80g

Crispy Dark Chocolate 80g

Ruby Chocolate Coated Mini-Bear Marshmallow 170g

70% Cocoa Truffles

Original Truffles Metal Box 500g

Premium Truffles Metal Box 250g