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Artisan Biscuits has been making high-quality biscuits by hand for over 70 years. Located in beautiful Derbyshire Peak District in England, Artisan sets itself apart by doing everything the old fashioned way. Every biscuit is weighted, tested, baked and checked by real people, ensuring that the same quality biscuits that people enjoyed 70 years ago.

Artisan uses only the freshest British ingredients without additives and preservatives. Ingredients come from all around Britain: butter and clotted cream from Devonshire, freshly milled flour from Essex and toffee from in Yorkshire. Artisan believes by using the best ingredients and treating them with care, they can make some of the most irresistible biscuits possible.



Blowing Raspberries Bear 100g

Go Bananas Bear 100g

Muddy Bear 100g